The Benefits of Journaling for Anxiety

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Millions of people suffer from some form of anxiety, and for some, it can prove to be extremely debilitating.

Common treatments include counseling and medication, but did you know that journaling can also prove to be a great tool for keeping the condition in check?

Here, you’ll discover some of the main benefits of journaling for anxiety and how it can help reduce its symptoms.


Increasing your knowledge and awareness

One of the main ways journaling can help to reduce anxiety is by giving you a deeper understanding of it.

Often, you’ll find you have no idea what brought on the anxiety, or why it happens. It’s something you learn to just accept without really giving it much thought. So, by writing down whenever you feel anxious and what triggered it, you’ll start to understand more about why it’s happening.

So, why does this help to reduce it? Well, once you know what is triggering your anxiety, it allows you to work on tackling it. Avoiding triggers or at least figuring out ways to manage them, will make a huge difference when it comes to managing your anxiety levels.

It also teaches you to become more aware of your anxiety. When you’re aware that it’s happening and you know why it’s happening, you can use that to reset the mind and switch to more positive thoughts.

So, by journaling about your anxiety, it can help you to develop greater knowledge and awareness, in turn helping you to combat the condition.


Helping you to develop new coping techniques

Once you’ve written down the things that are making you anxious, it allows you to explore them. You can ask yourself why you are feeling anxious, and what you could potentially do to stop it.

You will be able to come up with new coping techniques you could try to minimize the anxiety. By exploring why and when it occurs, it enables you to start recognizing when it happens, allowing you to quickly adapt your coping techniques to minimize it.


Getting those anxious feelings out

Even just the act of writing down your anxious thoughts and feelings can help enormously. Keeping negative feelings bottled up can cause anxiety to get worse. So, by writing them all down, it eliminates them from the mind, leaving you feeling instantly calmer.

You’ll also find when you write down your anxious feelings, they have less power over you. You’ll be able to look at them more subjectively and realize they aren’t as powerful as you thought they were.


Helping you to monitor your progress

When you’re trying to improve your anxiety levels, it can be pretty tough if you aren’t monitoring your progress. A journal can help you to see how far you’ve come since you started recording your thoughts and feelings.

It also enables you to identify and change any patterns which might be occurring. For example, you may find that you are more anxious at a certain time of day. By writing in the journal consistently, you’ll start to witness these types of patterns and record what you did to prevent them from occurring again.

These are just some of the great benefits journaling for anxiety can deliver. As an additional bonus, once you start using the journal to manage your anxiety, you’ll also find it eases and prevents depression too. Those who do suffer from anxiety often suffer from depression too. So, being able to utilize something which can manage both conditions is fantastic.

If you haven’t given journaling for anxiety a try, now is a great time to try it. There are numerous types of journals you can keep to manage anxiety and each has its unique benefits.


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